NoxAnimals Addon (1.19) introduces various new animals inspired by real-life creatures, each with distinct characteristics and purposes. With this addon, Minecraft biomes become more enjoyable and engaging.


Jungle Animal List:

  • Butterfly flies around the forest, this insect likes flowers and will follow you if you hold the flower.

  • Toucans fly around the forest, you can tame these birds with seeds, there are 3 types of toucans that we added, Toco Toucan, Keel Billed Toucan, and White Throated Toucan

  • Piranhas swim in the river, if you meet this fish, you better run away quickly, because this fish is very deadly.

  • Tapirs can be found in the forest, you can breed these animals with tallgrass.

  • Coati can be found in the forest, you can breed this animal with berries, this animal likes to climb trees.

How to install:

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Move the NoxAnimals Behavior and NoxAnimals Resource files into the behavior pack and resource pack files on Minecraft storage.

NoxAnimals Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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